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"TAPES" 1993-1997
cdr Time Stereo 2009
Edited compilation of 4-track tapes recorded 1993-1997.  Most tapes were recorded in a long concrete hallway behind the RECORD COLLECTOR in Livonia, MI.  (Davin worked at the record store and had the keys to the place---its back room was the recording studio/practice space/workshop during the early years of PDM.  The store also had a dual cassette deck, xerox machine and endless supply of blank cassettes--this was the beginning of TIME STEREO).  Some tracks also recorded at the MOG house by MOG."

Tapes mixed and edited 2008-2009 in Detroit.  Handmade cardboard cover, released by TIME STEREO.

Davin-electronics, guitar
Warn-electronics, drums
Kay- bass
MOG-electronics, vocal, the wheel